Creating purposeful environments

Major & Associates establishes the commercial strategy and design direction. Enabling property developers to build and deliver more purposeful environments that are more compelling to purchase, lease or reside in.

  • We work with government on strategy planning policy and design guidelines.
  • Our work establishes the core drivers that makes places more desirable.
  • Our end-to-end work integrates multiple stakeholder operational requirements across the design disciplines and construction delivery

Michael Major – Strategy & Design Director

  • Strategy
    • Strategic business thinking – ensuring growth and improved profitability.
    • Create strategically sustainable destination brand experiences that engage, surprise and delight buyers, customers, and end-users to come, linger and purchase time and time again.
  • Operations and Delivery Integration Capability.
    • Extensive experience in the scoping and integration of multiple stakeholder requirements across many design disciplines and construction delivery.

      Specialist in operational co-ordination, planning, documentation and end to end project delivery.